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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Yolove------- YOLO + LOVE = YOLOVE

I am 42 and my life has been a roller coaster thus far-as most of ours has been. It has been so fun, so beautiful, so exciting, so surprising, so scary, so sickening (at times) and wow, sooooo bumpy!

I decided at 42, with three kiddos, that YOLO had to be my new mantra; "You Only Live Once." And I will tell you why. How could I tell my kiddos (16, 14, and 9) all these years to "live your life", "live your dream", "everything you want is on the other side of fear", "just do it" if I, their Mother, wasn't doing it? I had to live the life I was meant to live. I had to walk the walk, talk the talk. Hence, today is today, and Yolove Gluten-Free is coming to fruition.

It is just a Thursday.....but for me it is another day of learning about and starting my business. Right now, it is 9:16pm and I look back on the day and I am proud, amazed, confused, excited, scared, and angry. All of these emotions and feelings are because I am finally doing what I have wanted to do for so long now. I am diving into the unknown in some ways as business (running one) is so foreign to me but baking, and Gluten-Free, seems to be my life-so familiar, so right, so constant, so essential. Since the term/condition/illness (Celiac) has entered my life, it has been my mission to make sure my Anna (and Jay) can enjoy the tasty delights of the Gluten world-but in the Gluten-Free form. I am so wired I can barely sit still. The passion, the potential, the possibility is all so exciting. Anna and Jay would never know what they are missing/what they've missed- and I want to make sure others know the same. I want them to love food and not worry about it or fear it or dislike it.

Here the story begins. Only on a blog today. It has already begun though, years ago. But today is the day it will be more. So much more.

Yolove Gluten-Free.

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