The holidays! My Fave!

I just looooove the Holidays.....even more after the last year and a half! I appreciate life soooooo much more than ever. I did before, but now, way more. And with loving the holidays and all it's wonderful decor and music and warmth, comes FOOD! FOOD = HOLIDAYS! Right?

I am excited to bring good old fashioned and much healthier Gluten-Free baked goods to my community. I know what it's like living and watching all around you eat all the amazing holiday food and treats and not being able to participate in much of it. Not me personally-watching my babies. And my husband. In a culture and time of year where life is centered on food, all must be able to safely and happily enjoy. Without fear or question.

I am happy to be offering a GF holiday dessert menu as well as every Saturday bringing fall treats to the market. All the while still offering birthday cakes and special orders 7 days per week.

I thank everyone for all of their support and with your continued love and support, I hope to continue growing and to be part of your families for years to come.

Happy Holidays!

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