Low carb anyone???? Yes!

First, Happy Wednesday! What a day so far....busy but good. I planned on working solely on QuickBooks and managing my site but Costco called (because I needed ingredients and food for the house) and of course, recipe testing called even louder!

I had many people ask me at the farmer’s market if I had low carb and/or dairy free items. I hated having to tell them that I did not. Hence, I made it my mission to make a few things for them to try this weekend (as well as for my taste testers to judge today and tomorrow.)

I just made a GF, almond flour, and dairy-free choco chip cookie. And I have to tell you-it’s pretty darn tasty. Compared to whole grain flours, almond and coconut flours literally have a fraction of the carbs they do.

I cant wait to see what everyone thinks. I’m assuming this is a treat for those on the Paleo diet? Maybe even Keto? Used honey as a sweetener. Will have to check this out.

Until my next test,


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