Inflammation....the biggest issue is something that you can't even see or feel.

I have attached a recent finding/study regarding how INFLAMMATION causes long-term/permanent damage to the immune system of those with Celiac. No doubt! At least one never crossed my mind. Inflammation is bad bad bad! And Inflammation is caused by abuse to our bodies in many ways but for a Celiac, by ingesting Gluten. This and much more is why I am vigilant with my Anna. Inflammation can, over time, lead to THIS, other auto-immune diseases, overall unwell-ness, joint pain, head-aches, skin issues...and the list goes on and on.

This is why I can not stress enough to those with Celiac-YOU CAN NOT CHEAT. Even if you don't "feel" anything or you "feel" fine after that contaminated french fry or one small piece of bread.....or even a bit of soy sauce with your Sushi, Celiac is a Disease and Gluten in the enemy. Every little bit that goes into a Celiac's body is hurting the body. That simple. Just because it is food and a "little bit" at that, doesn't mean it does less damage and is calling a truce for the moment while your taste buds are in heaven. Gluten in any form is poison to a Celiac. It couldn't be easier to in this day to live with this disease.

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