Happy New Year...

I love new beginnings. Especially the New Year!!! The perfect time to start what you’ve been putting off, to change the things you’ve been wanting to change, and to just start fresh. I love to reorganize and straighten up, throw things away, and add new and exciting dishes/recipes to my family’s life. I looove trying new menus but I also love making the old better and healthier and just freshening things up. I become obsessed with making the “bad” healthier while still being delicious. And I love creating new goodies and meals just like an artist would take a blank canvas and paint whatever he feels/strikes him that day.

I was just looking through a magazine while getting my hair done (Cooking Light) and came upon a recipe for “Tuna Casserole”-our FAVORITE casserole. I’ve done the same boring recipe for years, and have thankfully been blessed with GF canned Cream of Mushroom to make it easy, as Tuna Casserole should be. But I’ve always wanted to make my own sauce/soup and change things up a bit but my creativity would not allow me to get there. Until today. This recipe looks delicious and comforting and REALLY homemade. I am going to try it. Of course, I will tweak to make it I always promise everyone, ANYTHING CAN BE MADE GLUTEN-FREE. Don’t feel like a Gluten-Free magazine is the only way to get recipes. You can change anything to be GF with a little passion. 😌

I’m attching the picture if you’d also like to give it a shot. I can’t imagine we will be disappointed.

Happy New Year. Make it a year of good food. Food is after all Life. ❤️🥂


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