Celiac Undiagnosed too often....

I was taking Chloe to the vet yesterday and while I was waiting, the sweet girl at the front desk asked me if I was the "Gluten-Free baking lady." Excitedly, I was like "yes, that's did you know....? Oh, Dr. Farrell." My vet, Dr. Farrell, whom I adore, visits me occasionally at the Farmers Market and LOVES my banana bread! He is NOT GF-he just loves my banana bread. And my lemon loaf. Anyway, Dr. Farrell was telling this sweet lady about me because her son was recently diagnosed with Celiac. Fantastic! To me, it's the happiest diagnosis when there are so many worse than that out there. Maybe I'm a bit numb to new Celiac's reaction to the fact that they can not enjoy "bread" and Cheez-its anymore or that they might feel "left out" at parties and such (which I GET and I sympathize) but I know that it could be worse and in the end, it's food. It will all be okay and with someone like me in business and so many other companies around that provide deliciousness with a passion. Doughy and starchy food is extremely enjoyable for the Gluten-Free-ers! It's definitely not the end of the world. Back to the lady with the son who was diagnosed. Her son, who is 9, had been ill his entire life. Failure to thrive, skin issues, not gaining weight, prescribed special formula as a baby that he continued until 4 years of age. NOT once in all those years, this starving, weak, sick little boy was tested for Celiac. Not once was it even mentioned by any doctor or nurse that this kid might have Celiac. My heart was BREAKING. I could not begin to imagine what this loving Momma had dealt with in her heart for all those years. She told me that she was so thankful that he was FINALLY diagnosed and that in the past three months, he has gained so much weight and is doing phenomenally! I was so happy but sad it took so long.

What is my point? Education! How? Not sure. Just by spreading awareness one by one? Requesting Doctors go above and beyond? Celiac is undiagnosed too often. Gluten intolerances are undiagnosed as well. Food is medicine. When people are not well, we need to/they need to/the world needs to look at what people are putting into their bodies and understand that maybe it is what they are eating that is causing their ailments/sickness.

I am so thankful for this boy's diagnosis.

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