Autoimmune Disorders and Gluten

Every weekend, I am truly floored by the number of amazing and wonderful people that I meet who are on a GF diet as well as additionally sometimes Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, Vegan, etc. etc. because they "feel better" for it and MANY have been "cured" because of it. When I say cured, I am talking about the woman who has had something like Rheumatoid Arthritis and was on meds and feeling awful for years but then decided to take Gluten out of her diet and eat cleaner and more whole, hence, symptoms and meds-GONE! Or the young man with MS and two small children who feared that the meds he'd be taking forever would surely affect his liver and health over time decides with some simple research to take Gluten, Sugar, and alcohol from his diet, and just like that with some dedication and time, off the meds and feeling wonderful. I have a million stories from these brave people and I love hearing every one as well as sharing my own family's. Most of all, with what I do, I love helping them enjoy life with good food and a very sympathetic ear and helpful words (I hope.) But I can not help but stir every day wondering how and why so many have become intolerant of so many foods. I worry for the future of humans. I wonder if somehow we are being genetically modified through insecticides and hormones. I am sad that so many people are ill from FOOD. I hate that so many people do not know the harm that preservatives, dyes, and so much packaged and processed food cause. I long for the days, a time I really didn't fully live through, where there were three meals a day prepared and served at home and that's what children grew up on. I love that fast food restaurants used to be a "treat" or a venue for a birthday party instead of people's meals several or more times per week. I am just rambling and I can go on and on and on (as many of you know who faithfully visit me on Saturday and Sunday's.)

But I guess what I am saying is, simply, we need to get back to healthy eating. We need to find a way to grow fruits and veggies without harmful pesticides and we need to treat animals better and live with smaller portions of meat to avoid pumping up the population with growth hormones. We need to "get back to" so much. There needs to be a balance is what I am saying. See, I'm rambling. New subject Amanda.....stay with the picture. Although it all goes hand and hand. PLEASE read this article below. If you are reading it, you probably already know it. But maybe not. It's fascinating. And very true.

Love to all and YOLO!

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