Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a FULLY Gluten-Free Facility?

YES!  For sure!  :-)

Are you an allergen free facility?

No!  We use peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy in many of our baked goods.  But the items that we bake that we claim do not contain any of those allergens have been very carefully produced and the utmost care has been taken to ensure we have not added any of those allergens intentionally.  We can not, however, claim that there would not be a speck of peanut butter left over or a smear of butter that has accidentally gotten into one of our peanut, tree nut, or dairy free items.


Do you provide delivery?

Yes!  On very local orders for FREE (within Lake Mary, Longwood, Winter Park and some of Orlando) and for further away, on any orders over $60.  Give me a call and I would be happy to meet somewhere in the middle-I am very flexible.

Do you ship?

Currently, we ship Protein Bars and Cookies.  We would be happy to ship the items that have shorter shelf lives if you would incur the higher shipping cost.


Do you provide catering?

Yes.  Please call for information/requests.